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3750Bald Eagle seen in Albion/Osprey in Anchor Bay

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  • jackson_us
    Mar 5, 2010
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      3/3/10 Chris Skyhawk just sent me his sighting of a BALD EAGLE on Wednesday, March 3rd. He wrote, "I saw one over the hills here in Albion. We were going to town around 11 AM and about to drop down the hill towards the highway when I saw a very large group of vultures, about 30-35 or so, flying together in a large spiral. I noticed one bird that did not quite have the typical shape of a vulture. With binoculars I could clearly see its eagle body with the white head. The eagle suddenly pulled away from the vultures and headed south toward Salmon Creek."

      3/5/10 And this morning an OSPREY landed on a tree at my place in Anchor Bay. It was wonderful hearing its calls.
      Jeanne Jackson