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375Sightings from various areas

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  • chaniot@pacific.net
    Aug 17 11:06 PM
      Sat, 17 Aug 2002 -- Jerry White reports that several observers found an
      immature YELLOW-BILLED LOON after today's pelagic trip. It could be seen
      from the Juan Creek overlook north of Rockport. It was found in the late
      afternoon and was moving northward in a leisurely manner. This is the
      second county record and very unusual at this time of year.

      Dorothy Tobkin reports seeing a TUFTED PUFFIN again at the
      Mendocino headlands. This one was flying and carrying fish, and, although
      not seen, it may have been feeding young on the water to the north. There
      were also two RHINOCEROS AUKLETS, and there is a possibility that they may
      be breeding nearby too.

      Yesterday, 16 Aug 2002, Toby and Jim Danzenbaker found a RED
      PHALAROPE at Virgin Creek Beach. It was an adult molting into winter
      plumage. Toby thinks that this bird may have been there for the last 5
      days. Red Phalaropes are seldom seen on shore.

      Finally, I saw the WHITE-FACED IBIS again today at 5:00 pm on the
      edge of the vineyard pond at milemarker 1.33 on West Road, Potter Valley. I
      first saw it early on the 15th. So it is still around, but not always in
      view. If you come looking for it, feel free to park in my driveway at 9430
      West Road, directly across the street.

      George Chaniot, Potter Valley, MEN, CA