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359Spruce Grove

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  • Matthew Matthiessen
    Jul 4, 2002
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      Last night (July 3-4) I camped at Spruce Grove. Joining me for the
      evening were a pair of FLAMMULATED OWLS. They first announced their
      presence about 2230 last night and I last heard them when they woke me
      up this morning at 0300 calling from right over my tent. Also present
      in Spruce Grove this morning was a HAMMOND'S FLYCATCHER.

      I broke camp early and drove to the gap just below Hull summit.
      Several GREEN-TAILED TOWHEES were encountered along the way and several
      more were at the gap. After parking I walked out to the spot John,
      George, and Chuck had Black-chinned Sparrows a few weeks ago. The birds
      did not disappoint. I hadn't even reached the overlook and I could
      already hear a BLACK-CHINNED SPARROW calling from over the edge. I
      walked partway down the hill below the overlook and was able to get very
      good views of the bird.

      On the walk most of the high elevation specialties were also
      encountered including one HERMIT WARBLER, one WHITE-HEADED WOODPECKER,

      Good birding ya'll
      Matthew Matthiessen