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3564Northern Fulmar at Seaside Beach - Ten Mile Area

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  • Karen Havlena
    Nov 1, 2009
      Sun, 1 Nov 2009 -- Jim Havlena found a NORTHERN FULMAR
      (dark morph) right at the water's edge on Seaside Beach just north
      of the Ten Mile river mouth.  It was lively, but a sandy beach is an
      unusual location.  A short time later, Ron LeValley met with us to
      see the bird.  We wanted him to confirm that Karen's ID was correct
      and have him give us a assessment of the bird's health.

      Ron agreed that it was a Northern Fulmar, although the pale bill,
      outlined with black had us hoping for another species.  The plumage
      was uniform, medium gray with silvery inner primaries and wing linings.
      The bird was pretty feisty, so Ron suggested how to release it.  Jim
      and I drove to MacKerricher SP to the south bluff of Laguna Point
      (the Orchard Oriole area from Oct).  Jim put the bird in the water near
      some gulls that were feeding.  The N Fulmar began paddling away
      from the shore after only a few seconds.  It took a while to get out of
      the cove and beyond the waves, but it never stopped pushing forward.

      We left after it was in calmer water, so we did not see if it attempted
      to take off.  We hope it will be alright!

      Thanks to Ron for his advise.

      Karen H. for Jim Havlena
      North of Fort Bragg, CA

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