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340Report from the Coast

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  • Matthew Matthiessen
    May 27 4:55 PM
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      Spent the weekend on the coast at Albion birding with some friends.
      Best bird of the weekend was a flyby adult FRANKLIN'S GULL at Laguna
      Point Sun the 26th at about 1430. The bird was heading north and was
      faily close in. I was able to observe it clearly through my scope.

      Sat night the 25th we observed a COMMON NIGHTHAWK booming repeatedly
      around 2030. To reach this location drive 3.2 miles up Albion Ridge Rd
      from Hwy 1. Turn right onto Road K and park immediately. The bird was
      calling and booming over the pygmy forest to the east of Road K at

      Also of note this weekend was a MERLIN at 10 Mile Bridge, a VIRGINIA
      RAIL feeding with two chicks on the northwest edge of Lake Cleone, and
      four HARLEQUIN DUCKS (three male and one female) still at Virgin Creek
      Beach (all on Sun the 26th).

      This morning (Mon the 27th) Dave Weibe took Stan Snyder and I on a
      mini-pelagic out of Noyo Harbor. We saw no tubnoses till we got about 8
      miles out (we only went 10 miles out). Once we got out that far things
      picked up dramatically. In only about an hour we had BLACK-FOOTED

      Good Birding Ya'll
      - Matthew Matthiessen