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3383Lake County Sandpipers

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  • Jerry White
    Jul 31, 2009
      We have another first summer record for Lake County (in addition to the juvenile Semipalmated Sandpiper found by Floyd Hayes at Borax Lake). Dave Woodward on Monday July 27th, found a SANDERLING at Kelsey Creek outlet in Clear Lake State Park. I saw the bird on Wednesday.This is the first record outside of the Fall period (when they are extremely rare in the county).
      Also on Wednesday I counted 20 Red-necked Phalaropes on Borax Lake.

      Most years in July in Lake County there is very little shorebird habitat exposed. But because of the low lake levels this year there is extensive available and viewable habitat at Borax Lake and at the Kelsey Creek outlet (waterproof boots needed here to cross over to what is for now an island). These are the two best locations for sandpipers usually, but other spots that might turn up something are Lake Pillsbury, Detert Reservoir, Indian Valley Reservoir or other exposed shoreline locations around Clear Lake.
      Jerry White

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