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3056Gulls and Geese - Fort Bragg Area

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  • Karen Havlena
    Jan 8, 2009
      Thur, 8 Jan 2009 -- There was a possible 1st cycle Glaucous Gull
      just north of the Laguna Point parking lot this morning, but all I could
      see was the head and bill.  The bird was just over a rise in the sand,
      but the bill was pink with a clean black tip, and the head was very
      light (but not pure white) and looked larger than the heads of Western
      gulls.  There was also a Herring and a Thayer's there.

      Out on Bald Hill Rd off Pudding Creek Rd, there were two Greater
      White-fronted Geese and several Cackling Geese among the Canadas.
      Two of the Cackling Geese were definitely minima and one was an
      Aleutian.  I could not tell the race of three others.

      Karen A Havlena
      Fort Bragg, CA

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