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2994Al / Alice

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  • Tom Reid
    Dec 14, 2008
      Hello all,

      Al has been here most everyday except yesterday, Saturday, Dec 13, even
      thought the ocean has been raging quite a bit... today he was bobboing
      about in his usual location just off the pier to the north west, ranging
      from 15 - 25 yards to 40 - 50 yards as the current caused him to move
      around quite a bit. I was a bit surprised to see Al today since the ocean
      was so gnarly, but perhaps he was a bit lonesome? When Hans, one of the
      surfers who goes out in these stormy conditions paddled out, Al made a
      point to get over to him to get his pat on the head; Al is a great lesson
      for all of us as to how loving nature's creations are... if we don't cause
      their demise... *sigh*

      I got some great pics of Al today and will post as soon as I get my
      computer problems fixed.