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2993Lake Pennyroyal/Eurasian Wigeon

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  • katemarianchild
    Dec 14, 2008
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      Thanks, George and Barbara, for the scouting you did in Area 2. I hope
      we find all those birds again on Saturday.

      I scouted Lake Pennyroyal yesterday, in both the morning and the
      afternoon, also getting ready for the CBC. In the morning I found the
      first Hooded Mergansers I've ever seen there. By afternoon a flock of
      American Wigeons had flown in, with what I'm quite sure was a Eurasian
      Wigeon among them. It was a long view to the end of the lake, even
      with my scope. I imagine it's the same one Steve Grams and I saw at
      Lake Mendocino last week, as there's a lot of back and forth between
      the two lakes.