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2893RE: [Mendobirds] Flycatcher ID

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  • Feather Forestwalker
    Oct 22, 2008
      It was on the trail (YESTERDAY) south in MacKerricher State Park, near the small fenceline on the horse trail -
      I will attach a photo of the location...with the fenceline. The shot is looking back north towards the main observation deck at Laguna Point, though the deck is not visible in the shot.
      Also attached are more shots I have just finished working.
      It's closer to Virgin Creek Beach than to the observation deck. . .not far off the Haul Road, really.

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      I had already responded privately to Feather saying it was a "perfect"
      Ash-throated. Maybe we should go look for it. Where exactly did you see it?


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      >Feather, all,
      >Most Ash-throated Flycatchers have departed the state by now so I was
      intrigued by your photo which appears to be a DUSKY-CAPPED FLYCATCHER, which
      I believe would be a First county record, Humboldt and Sonoma Counties each
      have three records (from the Rare Birds of California), the bird is a CBRC
      review species and the photo and a written description should be submitted
      (see http://www.wfo- cbrc.org/ cbrc/).? This would be the earliest record in
      the state by 8 days I believe.? The lack of rufous in the tail, small bill,
      rounded head, brown auriculars, and bright yellow below combine to rule out
      Ash-throated and other Myiarchus recorded in the state.? Congrast on the
      great find!?
      >David Vander Pluym
      >Ventura, California

      Yes, it's one of the flycatchers in the genus Myiarchus and they can be
      notoriously difficult to tell apart. While it is a little late for an
      Ash-throated Flycatcher, it is certainly not unprecedented.

      I may well be wrong, but I see the photo a little differently from David.

      1. Dusky-capped Flycatcher has rufous edged secondaries; this bird does

      2. Dusky-capped Flycatcher has faint wing-bars while this bird seems to me
      to have strong well-defined wing-bars.

      3. Dusky-capped Flycatcher usually shows rufous on the outer edges of the
      tail feathers and sometimes rufous on the uppertail coverts; this bird does

      4. Dusky-capped Flycatcher has a proportionally long thin bill, while this
      bird seems to have a rather short bill.

      Dusky-capped Flycatchers have a very distinctive call, and vocalizations
      are usually the best way of telling these confusing flycatchers apart. If
      Feather can refind the bird and listen for call-notes, that would clinch
      the identification one way or another.

      In the meantime, I think the bird is probably an Ash-throated Flycatcher.

      Joseph Morlan, Pacifica, CA 94044 jmorlan (at) ccsf.edu
      S.F. Birding Classes start Oct 28 http://fog.ccsf. edu/~jmorlan/
      California Bird Records Committee http://www.wfo- cbrc.org/ cbrc/

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