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284Long-eared Owl

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  • Matthew Matthiessen
    Feb 28, 2002
      Last night (Wed Feb 27) a group went back out to Montgomery Woods for
      the Barred Owl. Again we had success at the Kellieowen Grove. On the
      drive back to Ukiah, George Chaniot, Ollie Kolkman, and I had a
      LONG-EARED OWL at mm 37.02 (this mm is only visible when driving east)
      along Orr Springs Rd. The bird was perched on a reflective marker
      beside the road and flew up when we drove by. We stopped and backed up
      and got a longer look at the bird still perched on a marker. After a
      few seconds it flew down the hill to the south and out of sight. We got
      out and played a tape but got no response.

      - Matthew Matthiessen
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