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2735Long-eared Owl

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  • Bob Keiffer
    Jul 5, 2008
      Friday - 4 July 2008 - The family of Long-eared Owls discovered at the UC-Hopland Research & Extension Center has now moved about a half-mile from the original site. This is good news to those who wish to pursue this species as the new site is right along University Road ...which is a county road with access to everyone. For the last two nights the family group of three or four fledged young plus at least one adult has been at this location. To get there, go to Hopland on Hwy 101, then east on Hwy 175 to a small community called "Old Hopland" (there is no sign). As you pass through this little community you will reach a round-a-bout on Highway 175 ...head north onto Old River Road. Go about 200 yards and University Road will be on your right (east side). Follow University Road ....you will pass irrigated pasture on your left and vineyard on your right, then cross a cattleguard and pass an old barn on your left. Continue on University Road as you begin to climb a fairly steep grade. As you climb the grade the road makes a sharp turn to the right, then makes another jog-turn to the right, and then you will see a large pullout on your right. At this point you are almost at the top of the grade climb. Below this pullout, which is to the south, is a small pocket canyon of thick oaks, pepperwoods, etc. BE THERE AT DUSK, by 9:00 PM, and listen quietly for the juvenile calls, a high pitched, single note "eeeeckkk" (identical to the Cornell juv. long-eared owl recording). Last night all of the juveniles were very vocal, and could be seen flying through the trees occasionally. We were able to get one good look at a perched bird. One adult was there for a while but then flew to the north and away, I presume to hunt for nightime snacks to bring back to the young. Good birding. Bob Keiffer

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