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2716Tufted Puffin remains in Mendocino

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  • David Jensen
    Jun 16, 2008
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      Sunday, June 15, 2008: At 11:00 this morning I saw the TUFTED PUFFIN fly to the seabird colony at the northwest end of Heeser Drive in Mendocino. With its large orange bill and bright orange feet, it is easy to distinguish from the crowd of black and white Common Murres and larger black Brandt's Cormorants that share the island. The bird flew into a burrow that was obscured from sight and remained in there during the 45 minutes I watched. The cormorants are still actively engaged in nest building. Two notes of interest: unlike other years, most of the birds are nesting on the dirt and vegetation covered island east of the traditional larger bare rock colony that lies to the most northwest. This new colony is much easier to observe from the headlands. Two smaller groups of Murres remain on the original colony. Also, if you proceed to the end of the spur that runs north from the parking area, you can easily view many burrows on the side of the closer, more active colony. I believe that the Puffin disappeared into one of these burrows.

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