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2643Tricolored Blackbirds

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  • chaniot@pacific.net
    Apr 1, 2008
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      Mon, 31 Mar 2008 -- In the last week I have visited all of the locations in
      Lake and Mendocino Counties where I know Tricolored Blackbirds have nested
      in recent years, and I have discovered a new colony on Highland Springs
      Road. Tricolors are present at most of these areas and song, display, nest
      building, and copulation are under way already. Here's a summary of what
      I've found. All of the numbers estimates are preliminary and conservative.
      The best places for watching or photographing are probably the Adobe Creek
      and Highland Springs Road sites:

      MacGuire's Pond/Camp 19 on Route 20: At least 9 males displaying

      Wilson's Pond, Burris Lane, Potter Valley: At least 35 males.

      Christmas Star Vineyard, Potter Valley: None present. Blackberry hedge
      where they nested once has been nuked.

      Fetzer's Valley Oak Center pond: Males present, singing, displaying, no
      number estimate yet.

      Lyons Creek Wetland: None present.

      Adobe Creek Reservoir: At least 34 males in the NW corner, and another
      group of at least 21 males on the east side. Nest-building, copulation. 2
      Yellow-headed Blackbirds on territory in the NE corner.

      6495 Highland Springs Road: At least 95 males displaying in a blackberry
      patch right along the road near the driveway. Nest building, copulation.
      Foraging in the vineyards to the east.

      I am going to be the coordinator for Mendocino and Lake Counties of
      the statewide Tricolored Blackbird survey this spring. If you have any
      observations of tricolors in Lake and Mendocino between now and July please
      contact me - particularly nesting information.

      George Chaniot
      Potter Valley, MEN, CA
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