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2640Lake County: Short-eared Owls

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  • Floyd Hayes
    Mar 31 10:12 AM
      On Saturday the 29th, two SHORT-EARED OWLS hunted
      leisurely at Anderson Marsh from 5:55 to 6:55 pm. I
      was hiking with my family and did not observe them the
      entire time, but nearly every time I scanned the open
      marsh/fields one (rarely two) was easily visible as it
      flew back and forth across the area. They began at the
      south end near the buildings and methodically worked
      their way northward. On one occasion an owl flew
      upward a few hundred feet and chased an unidentified
      raptor (rear views only) for a few hundred yards, then
      it returned and landed in the field. I think it was
      the first time I had ever seen an owl chase a hawk. I
      assume these were the same owls first found by Jerry
      White on the evening of the Clear Lake CBC. I had
      searched for them several times at dawn but had only a
      brief glimpse of one, and had never searched for them
      at dusk. Perhaps dusk is a much better time for
      viewing them.

      Floyd Hayes
      Hidden Valley Lake, CA

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