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26Mountain Bluebirds

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  • vishnu
    Mar 6, 2001
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      This is out of our area but on the chance someone is heading towards
      Sacramento for some reason this could be a treat. I'm re-posting it from
      the Bluebird list-serv (with the author's permission and he can give
      directions if requested). Vishnu

      Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2001 00:44:29 -0500
      From: Derek Cragin <derekc@...>
      To: Bluebird Mailing List <BLUEBIRD-L@...>
      Subject: Mountain Bluebirds Galore!

      This sight is one to behold: 125+ Mountain Bluebirds are being seen
      in the fields around Road 27 outside of Woodland (near Sacramento).
      Other birders have seen them as well, and they are absolutely
      glorious. The weather these past few days has been overcast, very windy,
      and very rainy, so they weren't seen then. But during the beautiful
      days, oh, it is just quite the sight. Many of them are males, which
      makes it even more beautiful. Some days 90 are seen, others around 150.
      But at any rate, the amount isn't the point, the beauty makes it
      And to see them in the field, with the Vacaville foothills and
      snow-tipped mountains in the distance, blue sky above, and
      blackish-brown agricultural field as the background makes it even
      For those of you, if any, in the area, it is well worth the drive to
      see them. Ask me for directions if you'd like to go.
      -Derek Cragin ~ Sacramento area, California