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2538Al's here most every day...

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  • point_of_fact
    Dec 29, 2007
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      at least the last week or two... the funky weather hasn't bothered

      Sometimes because of really bad weather or whatever reason Al will
      disappear for a few days; rumor has it the Al flies up the coast a
      mile or two to a tiny protected cove off the recently opened to the
      public Stornetta land, south of the light house.

      So if you ever come up to Point A and Al's not here, drive out the
      Lighthouse Road and park where it dog legs right at the bluffs;
      there's a little parking area for you, and you can walk around the
      bluffs on some of the most beautiful coastal land imaginable. Lots
      of birders go up there anyway, looking for other birds. This is the
      area where the rare bird (Frigatebird?) was seen... also recommended
      is Miner Hole Road, a dirt affair that is just a ΒΌ mile farther up
      Hwy 1 from Lighthouse Road; it takes you about a mile west towards
      the lighthouse. Once again, you can park and walk around on the
      Stornetta property... stunning views.

      Have fun,

      PS I posted another pic of Al on my pointarena.org site:


      PPS I'll clean up the site soon, adding thumbnails and more local
      pics; I've just been busy and lazy.