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2302Sny Plovers, M Godwits & P Martins on Coast

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  • Karen Havlena
    Jul 14, 2007
      Hi-- As early as 5 July, Jim Havlena saw 3 Marbled Godwits on Ten Mile
      beach. Two days later, I saw 2 Marbled Godwits on Seaside Beach. On
      12 July, I again saw 2 Marbled Godwits on Ten Mile beach, just south
      of the river mouth.

      Four Snowy Plovers are being seen (7/12-19)on Ten Mile beach 900 yards
      north of Inglenook Creek mouth. There are bands on two of the birds:
      LR:WW and GW:LY. Apparently, the LR:WW bird is at least 15 years
      (One can read a detailed account on the Save Our Shorebirds Yahoo group
      Or contact Angela Martin Liebenberg: ammartin@... . This is
      a "members only" group, so the web address might not work.

      Also, Erica Fielder told me that there are several Purple Martins flying
      below Ten Mile bridge. It is a little difficult to bird around there now,
      due to the new bridge construction, but there are about 4 parking spaces
      on the south side of the bridge.

      Karen Havlena
      North of Fort Bragg

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