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  • Floyd Hayes
    Jan 21, 2007
      Today (21 January) I birded the eastern and southern
      shores of Clear Lake. The hordes of grebes, mergansers
      and gulls were concentrated at Glenhaven, Clearlake
      Oaks and north of Clearlake Park.

      I spent more than 2 hours scanning the guesstimated
      7,000 scaup at Borax Lake and picked out three male
      TUFTED DUCKS. I also found a presumed male hybrid
      TUFTED DUCK X GREATER SCAUP. Its back was blackish but
      was slightly paler toward the neck, the tuft was tiny
      and fluffy, there was some smudginess between the
      blackish back and white sides, and the forecrown had
      an angular bump shaped like that of a Greater Scaup. I
      took some distant photos. On 14 January I spent an
      hour scanning the guesstimated 4,000 scaup at Borax
      Lake and picked out two male TUFTED DUCKS. There are
      about 10 CANVASBACKS and 10 RING-NECKED DUCKS among
      the scaup.

      Although I saw no unexpected gulls the past two
      weekends, today I tallied six WESTERN GULLS (one
      1st-cycle and two 3rd-cycle at Glenhaven, one
      2nd-cycle and two adults at Clearlake Park). I also
      saw 20 CANVASBACKS at Lucerne and a COMMON MOORHEN at
      Clearlake Oaks.

      Belatedly, I saw a CLARK'S GREBE and 15 HOODED
      MERGANSERS at Detert Reservoir on 1 January.

      Floyd Hayes
      Hidden Valley Lake, Lake County
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