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  • Floyd Hayes
    Dec 31, 2006
      Here are my best birds seen today (Sunday the 31st):

      TUFTED DUCK: Two long-tufted males among roughly 2000
      scaup at Borax Lake. One had some faint dark smudges
      on its sides and presumably was the same molting
      individual with more extensive dark smudging on its
      sides that I found among only eight Greater Scaup on
      16 December.

      BARROW'S GOLDENEYE: One male among hordes of
      mergansers and perhaps 15 COMMON GOLDENEYES at the
      north side of Glenhaven.

      CINNAMON TEAL: A pair at the Hidden Valley Lake
      Wastewater Treatment Plant (HVLWTP).

      CANVASBACK: 50 at HVLWTP plus two males at Borax Lake.

      COMMON MOORHEN: Three at the county park in Clearlake
      Oaks and one in a pond (but three on the 16th) visible
      from Sulphur Bank Road just west of the entrance to
      the El Em Indian Colony.

      WESTERN GULL: One 2nd-cycle immature at Lucerne, plus
      one 3rd/4th-cycle immature and one adult at Glenhaven.

      Floyd Hayes
      Hidden Valley Lake, Lake County
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