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2002Canvasback & Other Coastal Birds

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  • Karen Havlena
    Nov 4, 2006
      Hi Birders -- A male Canvasback was found by Toby Tobkin around
      noon at Lake Cleone. Jim and I went to the lake, and we too saw
      the Canvasback.
      Also, we found a Redhead among the American Wigeon, Ring-necked,
      Wood, scaup, Bufflehead and Ruddy Ducks. This was about 1:30 PM.
      Most of the ducks were on the east and south sides of the lake.

      Upon arriving back home, we scoped a Ferruginous Hawk atop a cypress
      on Hwy 1, just south of the curve going down to Seaside Beach.

      The Canvasback is 280 on my Mendocino county list. It may take a
      few more years to reach the milestone 300 mark, but I am happy to
      have reached my goal of 280 this year. Thanks to all who have helped
      me with my quest.

      Karen Havlena
      North of Fort Bragg

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