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190Tennessee Warbler @ HREC

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  • Chuck & Barbara Vaughn
    Sep 28, 2001
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      Greetings Mendobirders: Today at noon I saw a Tennessee Warbler at the sag
      ponds near the headquarters of the Hopland Research and Extension
      Center. If you are interested in chasing the bird, here are directions:

      Follow University Road up into the hills to the junction of the Poor Ranch
      road on your right. Park here and walk through the aluminum gate on your
      left (west). Follow the path along the fence that goes along the edge of
      the north pond until you reach the base of the hill.
      Bird in the trees that run north and south along the western edge of the 2
      ponds. I saw the bird in the madrones and oaks between the 2 ponds. There
      are a number of loose groups of birds here, with Chestnut-backed Chickadees
      and Bushtits being most obvious.

      Mention that you have access permission from Chuck Vaughn and Bob Keiffer
      if anyone asks.

      Good luck, Chuck Vaughn

      Chuck and Barbara Vaughn
      1550 Deerwood Drive
      Ukiah, CA 95482