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  • Bob Keiffer
    Apr 18 7:51 PM
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      18 April 2006 - Tuesday - Today I checked on three historical Peregrine nest sites for the Santa Cruz Predatory Birds Center. All three sites that I checked I confirmed that Peregrine's are using the nest sites in 2006. From the evidence that I witnessed they are still sitting on eggs. All three of these sites are in a five-mile line ...pretty impressive. When Monte Kirven checked the Peregrine nests back in the 1980's or so, California had about 60+ confirmed nests and Mendocino county had over 20 of those. The last survey by SCPBc (about ten years ago) showed the California numbers up to over 200 pair ... I don't know how many are in Mendocino now. Anyway ...it looks like nesting attempts are still high in the county if this small sample size is representative.

      Also, four White-throated Swifts were active near one of the nest sites. Unfortunately I cannot disclose the location of these... private property and confidential.

      If you know of any other Peregrine Falcon nest sites in the county that you know is active (best way to observe is from a distance, out of site, and wait for a food exchange ...this may take several hours) please let me know. DO NOT disturb birds on the nest if you are unsure of how to do this without disturbing them ...they can abandon the eggs!

      Good Birding. Bob Keiffer

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