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1648Humboldt Del Norte Birding Activities - Mar-Apr 2006

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  • Robert Hewitt
    Feb 26, 2006
      Dear Birders,

      The following activities are available for birders who wish to head up Hwy
      101 for spring birdwatching fun.

      A variety of free public and paid events can be attended through the
      following bird festivals. Automatic registration and on line payment make
      it easy to confirm your trips. Contact information is at the following
      sites or one can always contact me by return address.

      Yours Rob Hewitt


      Humboldt Bay National Wildlife refuge - Hookton Road

      Family Fun and Goose Fly-off March 4-5, 2006


      We invite you to the 8th annual Aleutian Goose Festival
      March 30 -- April 3, 2006

      Six spaces left on Sunday's Pelagic trip


      APRIL 21- 23, 2006
      Clear Lake State Park, Kelseyville, CA

      www.godwitdays.com <http://www.godwitdays.com/>

      April 21 - 23, 2006

      1 space left on Friday's Pelagic,

      6 spaces left on Saturday's Pelagic

      (Sunday roll over option if bad weather)

      Robert W. Hewitt

      Wildlife Biologist - LBJ Enterprises

      Eureka, California

      (w) 707-442-0339, (cell) 707-845-3189, (fax) 707-269-0632

      Chairman, Godwit Days Steering Committee


      April 21-23, April 2006

      Keynote Speaker: John Fitzpatrick

      Director, Cornell Lab of Ornithology

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