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  • Frances Oliver
    Aug 31, 2005
      Today, I went looking for shorebirds in Lake Co. I spent the entire time birding between Borax Lake and Robinson Lake. Birding was very good!

      Borax Lake:
      2 Gr. Yellowlegs
      1 Bairds SP (juv)
      1 Pectoral SP
      1 SP Plover (juv)
      1 SP Sandpiper (juv)
      lots of Western & Least's SP
      Green Heron

      Robinson's Lake
      1 Gr Yellowlegs
      1 Lesser Yellowlegs
      1 LB Dowitcher
      1 dowitcher sp
      1 Marble Godwit
      1 Baird's SP
      lots of Western's & Least's
      4 Caspian Tern's
      Green Heron

      A Willow FC was found along Rodman Slough.

      Good Birding!
      Lodi, CA

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