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1414Eel River

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  • chaniot@pacific.net
    Aug 19, 2005
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      Thu, 18 Aug 2005 -- This week (15-18 Aug) I worked on steelhead
      reproduction surveys in the Eel River between Van Arsdale Dam and Dos Rios.
      Most of the stretch between Van Arsdale Dam and Outlet Creek is seldom
      birded because access is through private property. Birding was incidental
      to other activities, and there were no surprises, but it was interesting to
      note that AMERICAN DIPPERS were present at every location I visited: 3/4 mi
      below Van Arsdale, Thomas Creek, 3/4 mile below the Hearst bridge, Covelo
      Road mp 11.14. Also at milepost 11.14 on the Covelo Road there was a CANYON
      WREN in a pile of boulders on the far bank (Sorry, I forgot to mention
      that, Roger.)

      George Chaniot
      Potter Valley ,MEN, CA

      Wood Duck
      Common Merganser
      California Quail
      Turkey Vulture
      Golden Eagle
      Red-shouldered Hawk
      American Kestrel
      Mourning Dove
      Black Phoebe
      Acorn Woodpecker
      Pileated Woodpecker
      Violet-green Swallow
      Steller's Jay
      Western Scrub-Jay
      Common Raven
      American Dipper
      Canyon Wren
      Western Tanager
      Song Sparrow
      Spotted Towhee
      California Towhee
      Lesser Goldfinch
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