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1333Sage Thrasher

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  • chaniot@pacific.net
    Jun 3, 2005
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      Fri, 03 Jun 2005 -- This morning I found a singing SAGE THRASHER in Round
      Valley. I first found it about 10:20; I returned at 12:50, and it was
      singing in the exact same place; Chuck Vaughn dashed up, and at 2:30 we saw
      the bird at the same spot.
      The location is on Dobie Lane 1.3 miles N of Fairbanks Road. You
      must approach from Fairbanks as Dobie Lane is washed out further north.
      Look for a fallen oak tree in a hayfield about 100 feet east of the road.
      On the west side of the road here there is a shrubby, 8 foot valley oak in
      the fenceline. The thrasher is very faithful to this bushy oak and probably
      spent 90% of its time in and near it. It sang from the oak, the fence, the
      fallen oak, and at mid level in larger oaks to the east and south. Always
      it returned to the bushy oak. It also foraged on the ground along the edge
      of the road and hawked insects from the ground and from the pavement in the
      middle of the road. It was rather conspicuous.
      My main purpose in being in Round Valley was to look for Tricolored
      Blackbirds. In the process I noted that about 20% of the Red-winged
      Blackbirds there have broad, yellow, lower borders to the epaulettes, about
      20% have a thin yellow border, and about 60% have no yellow at all visable
      in the field. I do not remember seeing yellow borders on summer males in
      Potter Valley - I should pay more attention.

      George Chaniot
      Potter Valley, MEN, CA
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