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1317Osprey Nest

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  • Jim Armstrong
    May 12 8:45 AM
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      For those heading out to Potter Valley on Sunday, look for the
      replacement Osprey nest on top of the tallest high tension tower on
      the ridge north of Highway 20; it pops into view at mile marker 34.54.
      This nest was active last year, but was removed or blown down over the
      winter. Due to the configuration of the tower, building materials
      that don't stick to the nest are caught by the girders underneath,
      making a two-story effect. The first good place to scope it is just
      past the Marina turn (it is blocked from the big turn-out).
      Best viewing is 100 feet or so past where Road B makes its right angle
      turn to the north; take Road A as if you are heading for Fife
      It is huge lift from Lake Mendocino to this site and it seems likely
      that materials and food may also come from ponds north of it.
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