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125Red Crossbills on Snow Mtn. in Lake County

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  • dlwoodward1@home.com
    Jul 7 8:59 PM
      Today (7/7) Brian Woodward and I followed the marked trail to the
      Milk Ranch, a wet meadow surrounded by coniferous forest, 4 mi. n. of
      the Summit Springs Trailhead on the s. side of Snow Mtn. We had heard
      the flight calls of Red Crossbills there last weekend and returned
      hoping for a good look at them. At 10:30 this morning we saw eight
      crossbills in flight at the small meadow 150 yds. n. of the Milk
      Ranch sign. Six landed in a fir closeby giving us great views and one
      of them moved to within 15 ft. of Brian to get a drink from the
      stream. Also at the stream was an American Dipper. Near the main
      meadow today there was a singing Ruby-crowned Kinglet, a very unusual
      summer record for this species in the county. Last weekend we heard a
      N. Saw-whet Owl w. of the meadow just after dark and on 7/1 we saw
      ca. 10 male Rufous Hummingbirds feeding at the s. end. Two Lincoln's
      Sparrows were seen each weekend at the meadow along with most of the
      other high mountain breeding birds common to the area.
      Dave Woodward