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1154Long-eared Owl

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  • chaniot@pacific.net
    Jan 28, 2005
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      Sorry for the late posting

      Wed, 26 Jan 2005, 5:55-6:15 PM -- At dusk this evening I was walking along
      West Road near my home in Potter Valley. I heard what sounded like a
      LONG-EARED OWL hooting from the ridge to the west. So I hopped a fence and
      trespassed across a field for about a quarter mile for a better listen. I
      wanted to make sure that it wasn't the bellowing of cattle, which can be
      pretty similar at times in pitch, duration, and quality and at the same
      time of day. The owl moved closer in response to my imitation, and we were
      separated at about 300 yards. I could not entice it to fly into the nearest
      oak for a visual where it would have been silhouetted in the last light of
      the evening, but I did hear about 15 hoots at good range over a twenty
      minute period. It was a clear, still evening. This is a Long Overdue Bird
      (LOB) for me here in Potter Valley. I know of one other record

      Thu, 27 Jan 2005 -- I went back to the same place at the same hour to
      listen again, but I did not hear any owl. This evening was windy with low
      clouds rolling by and the beginning of sprinkles. Unlike last night the
      chorus of Pacific Chorus Frogs was deafening.

      George Chaniot
      Potter Valley, MEN, CA
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