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1086Northern California BirdBox back up

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  • Mark W. Eaton
    Nov 30, 2004
      The good news is the Northern California BirdBox is back up with the same
      number as before. The bad news is that we're down to one line. Without
      going into too much detail, there were technical issues with getting the
      second phone line installed at the new location. So, while 415.681.7422 is
      working fine, the rollover to the second line ends with a cheesy ad from SBC
      for a chat line and then dead silence. Fortunately, fall migration is over,
      so this shouldn't be too much of an impact, but keep this in mind if you
      dial in and don't hear Joe's stentorian voice or a busy signal.

      > The Northern California BirdBox is down; it is being moved to a new
      > location. Please forward as appropriate.


      Mark W. Eaton