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  • Barbara
    Fr JOZO SPEAKS OUT ON `NEW AGE ROSARIES CLAIM Do not be superstitious; do not be easily misled! From a talk given by Fr Jozo Zovko OFM, to pilgrims at Siroki
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2005

      Do not be superstitious; do not be easily misled!

      From a talk given by Fr Jozo Zovko OFM, to pilgrims at Siroki Brijeg
      in September 2005.

      • During these days, very disturbed and concerned people from Ireland
      and England wrote to me and told me about how people are giving back
      rosaries that they have received in Medjugorje, because a priest told
      them that these rosaries were New Age.

      I must tell you: this is not true! It is a great temptation, but
      there is no such thing as a New Age rosary. There can only be the
      material from which the rosary is made, when the rosary is blessed,
      when it is placed in the hands of those who beleive. It is not a
      matter of asking who made the rosary, but who prays with it and how
      they pray with it.

      When the rosary is blessed it becomes a key with which we open our
      hearts and God's heart. There is no such thing as a New Age rosary.
      There is only a rosary that is blessed, and when blessed the value of
      the rosary is not judged in what it is, whether it is of plastic or
      solid gold. It does not matter who made it.

      For example, a statue that is crying tears of human blood in Italy
      was made by a Muslim, and the word Medjugorje is written on it. To
      this day this same Muslim man is manufacturing statues. (A Christian
      might be afraid to make a factory for Our Lady's statues, no one
      dared.) But those statues are blessed. The rosaries are blessed.
      Things we bring for a blessing are blessed. In out hands it becomes
      security, strength, love; the response to the call.

      Do not be superstitious. Do not be easily misled.

      It would have been much better had the thousands of people who
      returned that rosary prayed that rosary. Under the propaganda the
      plastic rosaries are some kind of New Age with New Age symbols... No!

      The power of satan and the New Age is stopped by the prayer of the
      rosary, by fasting, by prayer – not by false propanda!

      Do not return the rosaries or be agitated by what design is on your
      rosary. This cannot be! Satan cannot give a rosary to say, "Pray on
      it." Satan cannot say; "Forgive, fast, reconcile, go to confession."
      That surpasses his power.

      For a Christian blesses his food, his dwelling place. No matter who
      made it, it becomes blessed. There is no New Age bread. We bless it
      before we eat. There is no New Age water. Do you understand? Perhaps
      the person who owns the water is of New Age, or the one who makes the
      ice-cream is into whatever other sect or cult.

      Why are you afraid to pray on a rosary that is blessed? Do not be
      afraid! Your rosary is blessed... your rosary is blessed! You must
      not attribute it or give it to satan or New Age belief. At that
      moment you become the persecutor of the rosary.

      When you do not have it in your hand, when you do not pray it in your
      home, it will not be of any use to you had even a saint or the Pope
      himself given the rosary to you. The sign itself does not save you,
      but to be on your knees, to be in prayer, changes and saves you.

      This why we will now bless your rosaries, that you may feel the
      blessing also in you heart and in your soul. Do not be easily misled!

      Our Lord, bless the rosary for us, and bless our hearts with the gift
      of prayer. Bless our hearts with the gift of love that we may take
      the rosary with faith and start to pray with faith; that we may start
      to pray with love, with the heart. Oh bless the rosaries! And bless
      our hearts with the gift of prayer. Pour out that gift into our
      hearts, that whenever we meditate on the life of Jesus we may come to
      love Jesus, that we may follow Him, that we may love Him. That is why
      we ask You to bless this rosary for us. In the name of the Father and
      of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

      You are, with the rosary in your hand, Our Lady's sign, Jesus' sign,
      the sign of the Church. Behold the person who believes. Behold the
      person who leans on God. Here is the person who comes before the
      Living God, who has the experience of a Living God, whom he has seen,
      met, and loves.

      Fr Jozo, Siroki Brijeg, September 2005.

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