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Radhasoami Mat Prakash: Love for Supreme Being (Radhasoami)

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    Radhasoami Mat Prakash: Love for Supreme Being (Radhasoami) Radhasoami Mat Prakash (meaning: Light on the Teachings of the Lord of the Soul ), by Huzur
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2007
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      Radhasoami Mat Prakash: Love for Supreme Being (Radhasoami)

      Radhasoami Mat Prakash (meaning: "Light on the Teachings of the Lord
      of the Soul"),

      by Huzur Maharaj

      Love for the Supreme Being (Radhasoami)

      108. This practice can be conducted easily and comfortably if the
      devotee has a little love for the Supreme Being. Without love it will
      be too hard and difficult to practice Surat-Shabd-Yog with any good
      result to be obtained within a short time.

      1. The Supreme Being, being a boundless ocean of spirit or love; and,
      human being, being a drop or current of spirit or love from this
      ocean; and, love being the very essence and means of existence of the
      whole creation, it follows that no effort in any direction, temporal
      or spiritual, unless actuated by love or affectionate regard, can be
      crowned with success, and, the work or labour rendered easy, sweet
      and harmonious.

      2. Love is most sublime, having its origin in the highest region, the
      abode of the Supreme Being. In whatever heart it sprang up, it will
      gradually raise and carry the fortunate possessor of this lofty and
      noble passion to the highest region.

      3. All good qualities and goodness itself will gradually find their
      home in the heart in which love dwells and all bad qualities will be
      rooted out by and by.

      4. Whatever a human being, full of pure love thinks or does, is all
      wisdom; while the thoughts and works of worldly wise persons are full
      of selfishness and folly.

      5. Knowledge without love for the Supreme Being is futile and tends
      towards untruth or darkness or materialism, while love turns
      everything to good use and leads to enlightenment and truth. Even
      worldly love, such as filial and conjugal, is attended with goodness,
      happiness and comfort to all concerned. How much more good would then
      result to mankind in general if the same loves become spiritual, and
      be directed towards the Supreme Being, the merciful and Kind Parent
      of the whole creation.

      6. Self-love brings on egotism or pride, and sows the seed of hatred,
      jealousy and disregard in the minds of kindred, associates and
      neighbours; while pure and sacred love for the Supreme Being creates
      in the heart humility, meekness and an affectionate regard for
      kindred, neighbours and humanity in general.

      7. Pure and holy love is always ready to spend (regardlessly)
      whatever it has for the sake of its beloved, the Supreme Father, and
      the benefit of mankind without any distinction; whereas self-love or
      love of world always tries to appropriate everything to itself, even
      at the risk and loss of others.

      8. Pure and holy love is always ready to sacrifice anything whatever
      to gain admission into the presence of the beloved, the Supreme
      Being; whereas, self-love will never part with anything except for
      the sake of its own aggrandizement and indulgence in sensual

      9. The noble passion of love is most powerful and strong. It removes
      all obstacles and thorns in its way and discards all superstitions,
      doubts and skepticism.

      10. Where pure love dwells there sheds the light of Grace, as it
      forms a link with the spirit or love current from its source, the
      Supreme Being.

      11. Such is the strength and effect of affection and kind treatment
      that it subdues ferocity and other injurious and dangerous
      characteristics in beasts and other animals, that is to say, they
      begin to love and have an affectionate regard for their keepers and

      12. A heart devoid of love or affection is as hard as stone, and does
      not form a suitable receptacle for light of Heavenly Grace and Mercy.

      13. Sincere love is reciprocal, so if one has a heart full of love
      for the Supreme Being, one is sure to be attracted towards Him by
      Grace, Mercy and Holy Light which will gradually illumine his inner-
      self, and then all menial and worldly affections and desires will
      gradually disappear.

      14. Love or the power of attraction is the basis of the whole
      creation and the cause of its sustenance and preservation.

      15. The Supreme Being loves and takes special care of those who love
      Him with all their heart and soul, and gradually draws them towards
      Himself, the Grand Centre of Pure Light and Attraction; while those
      whose hearts are imbued with worldly love and passions recede from
      this centre, or in other words, they of themselves fly away towards
      the circumference or darkness and untruth.

      16. Every wave of love rising in a lover's heart brings tidings of
      goodness and joy from the beloved, and every thought springing up in
      such a heart is a harbinger of good works and good services for the
      sake of the beloved.

      17. Love has no bounds, knows no restrictions, and is not limited by
      conditions, and like its source is extensive and far reaching in its
      beneficial results.
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