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PROMO: Reviews of A Saxon's Love (X-posted)

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  • Marilyn Grall
    Deatra Fitch of Huntress Book Reviews just gave me a lovely review of my upcoming release, A Saxon s Love. For the full review, go here:
    Message 1 of 1 , May 10, 2000
      Deatra Fitch of Huntress Book Reviews just gave me a lovely review of my
      upcoming release, A Saxon's Love. For the full review, go here:
      http://www.huntressreviews.com/ehistrom.htm, but here is her praise for the

      *** I know this one sounds wonderful! However, it's even better! Well
      written and full of changing emotions! I had a cold ball of ice
      in my stomach the entire time I was reading this one! The reader easily
      felt every emotion from Brenna and Ranulf. HIGHLY
      RECOMMENDED! ***

      I've also received 5 Bells! from Donita at Bell, Book and Candle and a very
      favorable review from Kathy Boswell...

      "Ranulf Of Ravenwood, thought to be dead, has lost his estate, his
      children and wife, most of all wants to reclaim his land and birth-right.
      Three years have passed, he re-enters his estate as a masked tinker. The
      last time he had been there he had come for revenge on the widow of the man
      who had killed his family. On his return he finds his people totally
      taken by the very woman he hates. The Lady Brenna is not one you can hate,
      she is learned, she's good to her people, she has a child three years old
      that she adores. After being given a hut to live in on the estate, Ranulf,
      comes to learn that just maybe things aren't as black and white as he
      thinks.... I started this at 9 PM one evening, finished it at 4 AM the next
      morning. Ms. Grall you certainly grabbed my attention on this marvelous
      story, your writing is wonderful, keep the FANTASTIC stories coming!!! 5
      BELLS!!!" Donita Lawrence Bell, Book and Candle

      "This is the long awaited sequel to CONQUEST OF THE HEART and is the story
      of Ranulf of Ravenwood, better known as Ranulf the Outlaw. When we last
      saw Ranulf, he had fought Sir Stephen Dubois and it was thought that Sir
      Stephen had killed him but this was not the case. Ranulf's men had found
      him and had whisked him off to a cave to recover from his nearly fatal
      chest wound. Now, Ranulf is back to exact his revenge on his enemy's
      widow, Brenna de
      Rouen. Only there are several things that Ranulf does not know.... I
      thoroughly enjoyed Ranulf's story. It was every bit as good as I thought it
      would be. It had action, adventure and a wondrously happy ending."
      Reviewed by Kathy Boswell

      Thanks, all, and happy reading!!

      Marilyn Grall http://eclectics.com/marilyngrall
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