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Re: Company names

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  • Cherie Salo
    Tara, I have my own domain, it s $35.00 a year. The first time you sign up you pay $70.00. If your serious about it, it s a good thing to do. As for your
    Message 1 of 6 , Feb 19, 1999
      I have my own domain, it's $35.00 a year. The first time you sign up you pay
      $70.00. If your serious about it, it's a good thing to do. As for your
      they are pretty simple to do once you get the hang of it. The way I learned
      when I was surfing the web, if I saw a site I liked, I viewed the source
      code and
      sometimes would copy it just to study by. Even though I have my own domain
      www.sunnycreations.com I have yet to do anything with it LOL And I have had
      almost a year. But that's ok, once I get going, I'll get going LOL
      I also have a site at www.geocities.com/Heartland/Ranch/3812
      I use to be a Community Leader with Geocities. Loved it but it's lots of
      But what Im getting at with Geocities is you could sign up for a site there
      but to have a "business" there is a VERY small fee. I can help with tips
      and whatever as far as getting your site up if you'd like.
      I have thought about many "at home jobs". One was to do website designing
      have not gotten real motivated to do so. It can be tedious too but gosh
      when I started out, I was ADDICTED LOL
      Anyway, I have rambled enough. Your on AOL, they have simple software
      to help make a page and they allow you 2 megs per ID so you have plenty of
      room, GO FOR IT :)
      Good Luck!
      Sunny South Florida

      Cher's Sunny Creations
      Country & Holiday Graphics for Personal Use!
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      Date: Friday, February 19, 1999 7:57 PM
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      >From: TLCBillInc@...
      >Thanks Jo Ann, a little encouragement goes a long way. Do you have any
      >pointers on how to get a website up and going. I have been trying for
      >and I can't seem to get it published. I have been told that I should just
      >spend the $40 or so to get a real domain name, but then others say a basic
      >little site will do just fine. With just starting out I would like to get
      >name out as much as possible. I have taked courses for medical office
      >procedures which included 3 weeks of medical billing, as well as all other
      >aspects. Is this amount of training enough for physicians to take me
      >do you think? I know given the chance I can be extremely good at this.
      >kind of work is right up my alley and I love being working on my computer.
      >I need is just the chance. Gee I guess that's all we all need really.
      >Thanks Again
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