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837Assignments of Benefits HELP!!!

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  • rynocub510
    Apr 5, 2002
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      I sure hope this group can help me an dpoint me in the right
      direction. We are a small rural hospital in Southern Illinois and I
      have a question or two about assignment of benefits. We have several
      people that do our emergency room registration at night, emts,
      nurses, etc. However, the information they obtain is scarce and many
      times they do not get a consent for treatment or assignment of
      benefits form signed. My HIM department tells me we are
      performing "Battery" on patients if we do get their consent. But
      what about Billing issues? Can I leaglly bill Federal Healthcare
      Programs when I do not have a consent? The Assignment of Benefits
      box is marked on my billing forms because it is hardcoded in our
      system. Can anyone direct me to where I can go for documentation
      that says we must have an assignment of benefits? Please help!!
      Thanks, BarBara