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780NACPP-National Association of Claims Processing Professionals

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  • Annette
    Aug 22, 2001
      I am new to this group and I just wanted to tell you all about a very
      special organization that I belong to. It is called NACPP. It is an
      organization of professional claims processors. I also head up the
      Northeast Ohio Local Chapter of the NACPP. This organization is
      wonderful. Not only can you get answers to your medical billing
      questions from members all over the US but you can also get
      discounted software, coding books etc. and many other discounts as
      well. This is one of the best organizations for medical and dental
      billing professionals that I have seen. If you would like more
      information, please contact me at annette@... or go to the
      NACPP website: www.nacpp.org.
      All of your questions about the organization can be answered there.
      Be sure to tell them that Annette Miller sent you.

      Hope to hear from you soon!!


      Annette Miller
      Miller's Recovery Services Plus
      PO Box 1286
      Massillon, OH 44648-1286
      Phone: 330-832-8086
      Fax: 330-832-6785