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5875Re: [MedicalBillers] File storage/destruction fees when ending provider contract?

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  • Maryann
    Dec 4, 2013
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      Good question.  I am also small.  I have a neat scanner.  Everything is scanned and stored on an external hard drive. Also, I back up my billing to that same hard drive so I don't need to shred anything at the end or worry about saving billing for 7 years.  It's just there on the external saved for ever.  If they want to gone.  I delete it. Most don't that feel safe that it is somewhere

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      On Dec 4, 2013, at 11:09 AM, <martasan@...> wrote:


      Hello!  For smaller medical billers/billing companies, when one of your providers retires or ends a contract for another reason, and if in your original contract you agreed to either return the patient files if feasible or to store them for the provider until they can be legally destroyed (billing info only, no clinical info), how do you handle the cost of destroying such files in 7-10 years?  When you terminate the contract, do you charge a one time fee for storage or for shredding in the future?  If so, what would be a reasonable fee? Do you sign a statement letting the provider know how they will be stored (assuming locked up as per HIPAA) and for how long?  

      Also, does the same statue of limitations for long term storage apply to the billing files as the clinical files? The types of documents I have are demographic info, superbills, EOB's and biller's notes only to record conversations w/insurance or any appeals etc. for mental health billing only. Any checks/money from insurance (and patients) have always gone directly to the provider so I don't have any financial info.  Any advice will be greatly appreciated before I start researching this.