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5832Protime Monitoring & Anti-Coagulation Mgmt (INR) 99363-99364

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  • Melinda
    Nov 27, 2012
      Hello Family Practice Offices:

      I'm wondering what is your office process, with regards to monitoring
      people's protime lab results (INR), and how you are billing for the

      Are you:

      1) Billing for 99211 and have a nurse that monitors the protime
      results (INR) and / or have the patients come in to discuss the results
      with her (i.e., a Coumadin clinic)?

      2) Providers having the patients come in every so often to discuss
      and review results, with the patients?

      3) Only calling the patients and giving them the results and
      medication adjustments over the phone?

      How are you "recalling" the patients to make sure they are / or aren't
      having their protime done routinely?

      We have approx. 30 patients we are monitoring protime for and are trying
      to figure out the best way to track & maintain them. Your feedback
      would be appreciated.

      Thank you,

      Melinda Brown, CMBS

      Insurance Biller

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