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5026RE: [MedicalBillers] Re: convert and review?

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  • Linda Walker
    Jan 29, 1938
      That's right. You see the AMA had this brilliant idea that they would
      "negotiate" and lend their support of the healthcare reform bill if congress
      stopped the Medicare increase.. so they (Congress/Obama) said to the AMA..
      hey, yes..sure give us your support and we'll stop the increase (was
      supposed to happen 1/1/2010) Well Congress got the AMA's endorsement and
      then turned around and only "suspended" the cuts until 3/1/2010 . The AMA
      actually believed they would keep their word? LOL So they now got a 10 day
      HOLD with just "HOPES" they will re-appeal.

      Linda Walker

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      I just read something on this. They are asking providers to hold all claims
      for Medicare for the first 10 days of March until this issue is settled. It
      is not settled yet as of today.

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      > Does any one know if. The Medicare change for March 1 went thru for fee
      schedule change
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      > Subject: [MedicalBillers] convert and review?
      > does anyoe know how to convert to Medicare Fee Schedule.
      > and review for accuracy and unbundling
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