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  • Linda Walker
    Jul 1, 2009
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      Hi Dee, if you think you can work from home, your best bet is to start your
      own business. It's not likely a practice would hire an employee to work from
      home as it's really not a benefit to the practice. Starting your own
      business, like any will require startup funds, but the opportunity is
      better, like you said there are lay-offs, many doctors are moving towards an
      outsourced solution which makes it a great time to market if you own your
      own business. Just something to think about.

      Linda Walker

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      Well, I wish every the best of luck when having to look for a job. I've
      been a medical biller for over 6 years and been out of work for 8 mo. I
      live at the lend of the line between Oregon and Washington, so I am able to
      look for medical billing positions in both states. I have had 2 interviews
      in 8 mo. There are so many lay offs out here that there are just too many
      medical billers to chose from I guess. I am lucky to find 1 job a week for
      medical billing. Usually I have to apply for some other position like
      clerical or receptionist just because it has verifying benefit or some

      I wouldn't mind doing this from home since I do have the experience - but
      everywhere I search they are either not hiring or someone is asking for

      Thanks for listening.

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      Subject: [MedicalBillers] Re: Medical Billing Advocate Course

      > well, it took me a while to find a job in medical billing with no
      > experience, but I finally got hired. Don't give up. Look for positions as
      > "entry level" or "data entry" too. Like accounting some aspects of the job

      > are broken down to specific tasks, so jobs in medical billing might not be

      > listed as as "medical biller". My position was titled "Payment Poster" in
      > the healthcare industry section of Craig's List. DONT GIVE UP!!
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      >> >
      >> > Hello to everyone! I do not usually post on here, as I have been
      >> > unable to find work as a medical biller, as I have no experience, and
      >> > no one will hire me. I do read the post here, and wonder if any of you
      >> > have heard of this course...
      >> > http://www.billadvocates.com/HOME/tabid/36/Default.aspx
      >> > I first read of this group in the New York Times, and thought it might
      >> > be a good way for me to get experience, so ordered the course ( it is
      >> > in a huge notebook).....I thought if I worked as an advocate, helping
      >> > patients with their billing problems, that would give me needed
      >> > experience on my resume...
      >> > what I did not realize ( Stupidly) is how many books I would need...at
      >> > the least, the ICD 9 and CPT manuals.....I did not keep mine, as my
      >> > courses were 4 years ago.
      >> > I also did not realize that the dues to join this group ( and get
      >> > referrals ) would be so costly.....$360 a year. I cannot afford any of
      >> > these extra expenses, really they should only sell this to billers who
      >> > are currently employed....
      >> Gosh, sorry to hear this. I wonder if you put it on your credit card and
      >> can have the charge reversed and return the material. I guess what you
      >> can do depends on the agreement you signed for the program. I suppose
      >> you could try to sell the material if you put a disclaimer that it is
      >> part of a package and refer to the web link. Just a few thoughts.
      >> > They will not take the course back...any ideas about how I might sell
      >> > it?
      >> > I am thinking of CraigsList or eBAy....I paid $429....
      >> > Thanks for any ideas!!
      >> >
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