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4180RE: [MedicalBillers] Re: Jobs...and the CPC exam...PLEASE REPLY!

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  • Lin
    Jan 3, 2009
      Happy New Year. I am just catching up from the holiday's.

      Just a side note because you mentioned working in hospitals which is your
      best bet in this economy.. but you will probably want to look into Hospital
      / Facility coding (DRG) through AHIMA. Working in a hospital vs. an
      individual or group practice is VERY different!

      In today's economy I would think your physician practices will be cutting
      back costs, hospital's and facilities are your best bet and like you
      mentioned, most of them are always hiring. The down side is they often have
      a high staff turn-over rate, and start you at the bottom.


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      Yes, I'm going to be taking it through the AAPC. I think they hold it
      at Yale-NH Hospital or some other facility. Maybe a school? I don't
      know. I've only been to the organization's website once or twice.

      But the test is months and months from now, in 2010. I'll just have
      to make sure I'm good at CPT. I've been told that a majority of the
      test is CPT, not ICD-9, right? I think I have ICD-9 down, though.
      Pregnancy? UGH. I hate that section of ICD-9! Those 5th digits!


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