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4179Re: [MedicalBillers] Re: Jobs...and the CPC exam...PLEASE REPLY!

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  • debbie brosnan
    Jan 3, 2009
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      The test is a combination of both books and the HCPC's book.  There are three sections.
      Section one.  is on law and terminology.
      Section two is all surgery
      Section three is on  Lab, Xray, and Medicine. 
      If I had to take it again I would do sections one and three first then two.  two is the largest and the most time consuming.  You have to pass all three sections to pass the test.  If you are not taking it until 2010.  You have plenty of time to prepare.  I studied for 9 months before sitting the test, and I have been coding for over 20 years.  If you dont pass it the first time dont get discouraged.  Lots of people dont make through the first time. 
      Just remember to not rush but understand time is not your friend.  If you can find someone to give you sample op reports to practice with and then check your answers it would be the best way to prepare. 
      Anyhow, gotta get to work.  Have a great day in Conn.  Do you have alot of snow.  Here in Michigan we did have two feet but now its just a good dusting. 

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      Yes, I'm going to be taking it through the AAPC. I think they hold it
      at Yale-NH Hospital or some other facility. Maybe a school? I don't
      know. I've only been to the organization' s website once or twice.

      But the test is months and months from now, in 2010. I'll just have
      to make sure I'm good at CPT. I've been told that a majority of the
      test is CPT, not ICD-9, right? I think I have ICD-9 down, though.
      Pregnancy? UGH. I hate that section of ICD-9! Those 5th digits!


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