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  • Carol Roush
    Jul 16, 2008
      Hello Everyone :)

      OK, so I'm sooooooo happy I didn't get the billing job at my office. The person who did get it, has been frustrated everyday. This isn't a job that is for beginners and I was just that. I'm glad the front office position opened up for me just in time. I feel awful for the biller. She is part-time and really needs to be full time to clean up the mess that front office person left behind before she was fired. What is sad is that the owner of the speech therapy clinic gave her full trust in the previous front office person and didn't learn much about the programs to train the new biller. I probably would have walked the first day on the job if I had gotten that job. The biller will just be there for a year since she will graduate and go on to a speech therapist internship. I'm seriously thinking that when my supervisor goes to hire again for the job, they should be experienced. From what I can tell, my supervisor/owner of the clinic uses Leonardo
      MD for submitting claims. Anyone heard of it? When the biller went to call and ask for help on walking her through on how to do something, the rep didn't even know what she was talking about. My coworker buddy (the biller) got really frustrated. The owner/supervisor was sold this program with the fact that there would be help or assistance. My supervisor called to complain and someone with experience called and helped, finally. Whew!

      As for collections, that was a mess too. A scary mess! The biller is now getting calls from patients saying that never got an invoice before. Um, right because the front office person wasn't sending them! OR, she wasn't posting all the payments. Everyday, it's something new and nothing but drama! The biller and my supervisor have been dealing with a patient who doesn't want to pay his bill because he says he didn't like the services. Odd, his child kept coming to the appointments! ugh! He could have found someone else for his son. He did sign a contract agreeing to policy and procedures of the office and paying. I figure this will be thrown out of court.

      Anyone else deal with this stuff?


      Carol :)
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