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3141Re: [MedicalBillers] LOOKING FOR A START

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  • s_alyssandra@yahoo.com
    Jun 7, 2008
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      Hi Tamara,

      I can imagine how tough to get that first job as a medical biller. It's frustrating really that most medical offices do not realize that medical billing in their office is the most specialize area. Its one area that generates money so that the practice can make all employees on payroll and pay its overhead expenses to keep the practice going. Somebody has to collect money!

      It is frustrating when I see billers being pulled here and there to do front desk. Why is that??

      I don't know. Maybe maximizing human resources?

      Good luck on your new endevour.

      Ms. Pinky
      Owvner, JustMyPassion.com

      twillis0703 <twillis0703@...> wrote: Hi, everyone. As you kno i am a student and next week is my last week
      of classes. I have been going on alot of interviews where they were
      hiring for receptionist with billing and some wih out. Some of the
      positions where not willing to train and some will train but with very
      low pay compared to what i was making in my last position. I guess if
      i want to grow in this career i would have to take a step back in
      order to go forward because i really need the on hands experience.


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