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  • Zia Clarkson
    Aug 1 10:14 AM
      I'm not in LA, but, I do know that Medicare does not pay for consults at the request of Chiropractors. Typically the PCP, primary physician, will also accept the referral/referring letter for the consults.

      I haven't been seeing your BCBS issue, then again, I'm in NY.

      The coding issues ... I 'm not sure about. We have been seeing a ton of refund requests also, but mostly for coordination of benefits issues ie/ the insurance company that paid is suddenly stating that the other insurance company should have been primary. Sometimes two years later.

      I would also like to know the statute of limitations on that; I believe it is three years, but I'm not sure.


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      I am in Shreveport, La and here are some current insurance issues we are having
      Is anyone else having these issues and how are you handling the situation

      1. we have a ton of refund request from Insurance Companies in regard to coding issues.
      The request are from over one year ago. I know we have spoken about this before--
      they are unable to come back after so long and request----accordin g to the La law.
      How do you all handle? send the letter back with the law attached?
      call and tell them NO? please advise!

      2. Blue cross is not paying consults with xrays! they say they are not going to do this!
      has anyone else ran into this and please advise how you are handling this!

      3. Medicare is saying that they will not pay for a consult to one of my Ortho's
      because the referring was a Chiropractor are you all seeing this?

      sorry so long......please help!

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