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2391RE: [MedicalBillers] Hospital Charges on HCFA's

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  • debbie brosnan
    Jul 3, 2007

      This is so true. X12 doesnt care what form it is. UB's and HCFA's will be for paper only. Are you running X12 yet? we are currently testing. I have to tell you this isnt going very well. The clearing house is having some signifcant issue with the billing software. They cant seem to get on the same page.


      "Weis, LuAnn" <lweis@...> wrote:
      Part B hospital charges go on UBs, and the claims go to the FI; while
      professional billing (Part B, also) go on CMS 1500 and the claims go to
      the carrier. Eventually all claims 1500 and UBs will be going to the

      LuAnn Weis

      Compliance Specialist

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      Exactly Deb. That is what I was saying UB contains the hospital charges
      while the HCFA contains physician. If you think of Medicare which is
      Part A and Part B; Part A charges go on your UB and Part B charges fall
      onto the HCFA.

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      Thanks Joktan. I dont know about Scott, but I have been billing hospital
      and ASC's for 22 years now. Physician for 8 years.

      I think some states do have funny rules on their facility claims. but
      for the majority of them UB's are for facilities.

      Joktan where are you located??? I am in Michigan.


      Joktan Edison <ejoktan@yahoo. com> wrote:
      Nicole, I know you would be confused now by seeing all
      the emails.

      I would go with Debbie and Scott's message which will
      help you out in regards to Hospital Charges.


      --- nicole mezni <nmezni@... <mailto:nmezni%40cfl.rr> . com> wrote:

      > Hi everyone,
      > I need your expertise on this, as it's been a while
      > since I've done this type of billing.
      > Hospital charges are able to be billed on HCFA's
      > (CMS 1500's), is that correct? Is it just outpt
      > charges that can go on, and inpt goes on the UB's?
      > Any clarification you can provide is greatly
      > appreciated! Thanks so much!
      > Nicole
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