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2385Re: [MedicalBillers] Hospital Charges on HCFA's

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  • J. Scott Gleaton
    Jul 3, 2007
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      Exactly Deb. That is what I was saying UB contains the hospital charges while the HCFA contains physician. If you think of Medicare which is Part A and Part B; Part A charges go on your UB and Part B charges fall onto the HCFA.

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      Thanks Joktan. I dont know about Scott, but I have been billing hospital and ASC's for 22 years now. Physician for 8 years.

      I think some states do have funny rules on their facility claims. but for the majority of them UB's are for facilities.

      Joktan where are you located??? I am in Michigan.


      Joktan Edison <ejoktan@yahoo. com> wrote:
      Nicole, I know you would be confused now by seeing all
      the emails.

      I would go with Debbie and Scott's message which will
      help you out in regards to Hospital Charges.


      --- nicole mezni <nmezni@.... com> wrote:

      > Hi everyone,
      > I need your expertise on this, as it's been a while
      > since I've done this type of billing.
      > Hospital charges are able to be billed on HCFA's
      > (CMS 1500's), is that correct? Is it just outpt
      > charges that can go on, and inpt goes on the UB's?
      > Any clarification you can provide is greatly
      > appreciated! Thanks so much!
      > Nicole
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