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  • cmsirish2001
    Apr 26, 2007

      i'm new to this list, and we had a question come up yesterday.

      i work for a not for profit hospice. we have two locations, one
      administrative and business and the other is mostly clinical.

      one of the clinical administrators has decided that both locations
      should maintain identical paper files. in other words, she wants all
      clinical information and all financial paperwork in both locations.

      to us ignorant billers (sarcasm), that seems like a waste of resources.
      we have no need to see nurses' notes; and i'm finding it hard to grasp
      why a hospice nurse would need a copy of a Medicare election form to
      adequately care for the patient.

      is there a source, unimpeachable if possible, to back us up? or,
      conversely, is there a source mandating identical business and
      clinical files?

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