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194Re: i need doctors

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  • Jane Lash
    Aug 2, 1999
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      >From: gbmcnerney@...
      >Reply-To: MedicalBillers@onelist.com
      >To: MedicalBillers@onelist.com
      >Subject: [MedicalBillers] i need doctors
      >Date: 29 Jul 1999 18:27:35 -0000
      >From: gbmcnerney@...
      >I need to get doctors signed up for medical billing, can't seem to get
      >their attention, sent letters, information, sample contracts, can't get
      >response. Can anyone help me. Yuck! I don't want to call them!
      >Are there any doctors out there interested? I am new at this, I don't knwo
      >where elese to go.
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